Friday, October 03, 2008

Solange! Fashions huge Island Store now open to the public!

Now you can enjoy lag free shopping at the new Solange! Fashions Main Store located at Dream On Bay Island! After only a year of procrastination I have finally completed the building of my island based main store and opened one of my private islands to the public. Nightlife Overlord, the owner of @home Entertainment, has joined me there with his new main store as well. No more fighting mainland lag!

Rather than just build stores I've also added some fun areas to explore and relax but you'll have to brave the catacombs under the store as well as the river to find them!

Here's a few pictures of the new island stores:

Island View (above), Close-up of Solange! Fashions (Below)

The new @home Entertainment store (Below)

The Crystal Room pictured below was particularly fun to put together. The mushrooms and leaves double as perches for all the fairy folk. These roleplay/social rooms should make things a bit more interesting for my annual 12 days of Christmas gift hunt (hehe!)

This is the Harem room (pictured below) which includes a belly dance ball for those aspiring belly dancers to work that thang!

And if you're feeling down on your luck you can hang out in the Lucky Chair room to see if you can, well, get lucky! The lucky chair (1 of several to be added) will be networked on the island and include several prizes that can be won. I have not added all the new prizes yet but those should be showing up in the next few days.

A river runs through the center of the island and under the stores (pictured below). I'll be creating more places to explore and hang out on the island in the coming days. This has been a wonderful expression of creativity for me and I am hoping you will all enjoy it too.

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