Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 More Halloween Lucky Chair Prizes Added!

I've added 4 more prizes to the lucky chairs (Dream On Bay Main store ONLY!) for a total of 6 prizes to win. In addition to the Sexy Silk and the Romance Dress you can now get coordinated jewelry. A necklace, bracelet, earrings and a belly ring all made to match the Romance Dress can be yours if you feel lucky :)

To make it even better I've set the Lucky Chair timers to 5 and 10 minutes with wildcards so everybody has a chance to win them before they are gone.

All Halloween themed Lucky Chair prizes will disappear on November 1st.

Remember ONLY the Dream on Bay store has ALL the prizes and the low timers. If you go to the old main store in Wall you can still win the dress and silk. (see the blog sidebar for the SLurl to the Dream on Bay store)

ALSO! The grid wide Pumpkin Hunt starts tonight at midnight! Don't miss it! Just Teleport to my main store in Dream On Bay to get started!

The grid wide hunt ends November 2nd.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Congratulations Hearts Baroque!

Hearts Baroque's submission to the Solange! Fashions Fan Art flickr photostream was selected as my next store model display:

You can see her original photo submission here.

Hearts is wearing the Romance dress in Mango and chose to frame her avatar in world with a wonderful background mix of shades, textures and patterns. Great capture Hearts!

Congratulations for being selected and winning a free Phat Pack from Solange! Fashions!

~~Please note that several of the photos being submitted are too small for me to use. Even if I love love love your capture if it's not at least 512 x 512 (prefer BIG like 1024 x 1024 or some combination of that) and high definition it will lose quality when i crop it to the shape and size I want to use. Keep that in mind when setting your camera and doing your photoshoot. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Congratulations Eleanor Balbozar!

Eleanor Balbozar's submission to the Solange! Fashions Fan Art flickr photostream was selected as my next store model display:

You can see Eleanor's original submission photo here.

Eleanor is wearing Nightlife in green and the ensemble she put together for her photo along with the location made for a beautiful photo.

Congratulations, Eleanor, for being selected and winning a free Phat Pack from Solange! Fashions!

(Please note that I am not selecting pictures in any order. It doesn't matter if you submitted a photo today or a week ago, or if I pick one that was submitted after yours. All selections are made at random depending on my creative mood at the time.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pluckin' Beauties from the Pool

Thanks for all the gorgeous photos you've been taking in second life and posting to my Solange! Fashions Fan Art pool! The pictures are amazing to see and it's like being in a candy store trying to pick out which ones to use. What a wonderful problem to have, I am truly blessed.

I've managed to make my first selection and chosen a photo submitted by Freyja Nemeth.

Here is the final processed and cropped version I did of her photo that is now displayed in the store:
Isn't she lovely? Her avatar has a beautiful unique look that caught my eye and her photo was easy to work with to give me lots of room to play around. You can see Freyja's original submission photo here.

For having her photo chosen, Freyja wins a free Phat Pack of her choice. Congratulations Freyja!

(As a side note, the Phat Packs you get to pick from my store if I choose your photo includes every outfit, even those that don't have an "official" phat pack)

Keep those pictures coming! Use the links on the right side of my blog to find my photostream and my Solange! Fashion Fan Art pool.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NEW RELEASE - Heat 2.0

This is a completely reworked edition of one of my very old fantasy designs. I asked the very talented Elysium Eilde of Second Look Studio to do some photos of the new design and, as usual, she supplied stunning results!

She did her photoshoot in the "Harem" room beneath the new Solange! store in Dream on Bay. Models from l- r: Vixie Rayna, Elysium Eilde, Feles Seitan, Halfpint Pennell

Model: Elysium Eilde wearing Heat in White set to Gold trim with jewelry from Heat in Pink.

All the jewelry and accessories the harem girls are wearing are included with the outfit as well as 5 metal trim options, all with a click of the menu. Models from l-r: Vixie Rayna, Halfpint Pennell, Elysium Eilde, Feles Seitan

Heat in Teal is shown here with the Black Metal trim. Model: Elysium Eilde

Heat 2.0 is available in 9 colors or you can buy the Phat Pack and get a 40% discount. Comes with all the jewelry and accessories needed for a complete harem look as well as 6 different flex skirt options to choose from. 36 pieces total for this set. Scripted metal change for 5 different metal trim looks as well as 3 different metal look trimmed bras and panties. Lots of options, lots of wearability and tons of sensual "Heat".

Monday, October 20, 2008

Attention Artists, Photographers and Models!

I've created a flickr stream for Solange! fans to submit their art. All photos must be of taken wearing a Solange! creation. Please read the rules prior to posting a picture.

Photos that grab my attention might be chosen for display in the store and if I pick YOURS you'll get a free Phat Pack of any outfit in my store. That's right.. ANY OUTFIT! So what are you waiting for? Get to shutterbugging! Then visit: post your photos.

Processed photos are fine but I prefer shots taken artistically in game to ones with a photoshopped background.

Please make sure your submissions are as high definition as your second life will permit and 512 x 512 in size or bigger (prefer bigger!).

Be creative, artistic, beautiful and have fun! This is not a "contest", just an opportunity for you to show off your talents and maybe win some phat loot in the process.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NEW! Elan Fall Pant Set

This fashionable fall design mixes plaid, stripes, corduroy and wool for a wonderful blend of textures and patterns. The set includes a striped skinny tank, sweater with sculpted cuffs, plaid trimmed corduroy slacks with sculpted bottoms and a fashionable plaid neck scarf that's sculpted and flex. 8 colors to choose from or save 40% off when you buy the phat pack!



Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2nd Lucky Chair Prize Out!

How about a little halloween romance? You can win this at the new main store at Dream On Bay in the Down On Your Luck room under the store where there are 2 chairs, both have both prizes OR you can win it in the Wall mainland sim store which also has 2 chairs (your less laggy option is at Dream on Bay).

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

NEW Lucky Chair Prize!

The Silk Lucky Chair has a new prize! You can win this a the mainland store in Wall or you can win it in the Down On Your Luck room in the sewers under the Island store in Dream On Bay!

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I'll be adding a new Streetwear Lucky Chair prize in the next day or two. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 03, 2008

New! - Daydream

In between all that building I've been doing recently I fiddled around in photoshop and sculptypaint to come up with a new little fall dress. Where I live "Fall" is still in the low 80's upper 70's so you need something you can peel layers off or add layers to as the weather warms up then cools down in a single day. That led to this casually romantic little dress I've named Daydream:

It comes in 7 floral shades with matching jacket. The cuffs on the jacket are sculpted and coordinate with my previous release, Because, for mix and match fun. I also added additional colors to the Because outfit to accomodate this. The Navy Because is also still available via the Subscribe-O-matic, but grab it quick as it will be removed on Monday (it will still be for sale in the store, you just won't be able to grab it as a freebie anymore).

Make sure to visit the new island store at Dream on Bay! (see my profile pics to TP there or you can use the SLurl on the right side of this blog)


Solange! Fashions huge Island Store now open to the public!

Now you can enjoy lag free shopping at the new Solange! Fashions Main Store located at Dream On Bay Island! After only a year of procrastination I have finally completed the building of my island based main store and opened one of my private islands to the public. Nightlife Overlord, the owner of @home Entertainment, has joined me there with his new main store as well. No more fighting mainland lag!

Rather than just build stores I've also added some fun areas to explore and relax but you'll have to brave the catacombs under the store as well as the river to find them!

Here's a few pictures of the new island stores:

Island View (above), Close-up of Solange! Fashions (Below)

The new @home Entertainment store (Below)

The Crystal Room pictured below was particularly fun to put together. The mushrooms and leaves double as perches for all the fairy folk. These roleplay/social rooms should make things a bit more interesting for my annual 12 days of Christmas gift hunt (hehe!)

This is the Harem room (pictured below) which includes a belly dance ball for those aspiring belly dancers to work that thang!

And if you're feeling down on your luck you can hang out in the Lucky Chair room to see if you can, well, get lucky! The lucky chair (1 of several to be added) will be networked on the island and include several prizes that can be won. I have not added all the new prizes yet but those should be showing up in the next few days.

A river runs through the center of the island and under the stores (pictured below). I'll be creating more places to explore and hang out on the island in the coming days. This has been a wonderful expression of creativity for me and I am hoping you will all enjoy it too.