Friday, October 03, 2008

New! - Daydream

In between all that building I've been doing recently I fiddled around in photoshop and sculptypaint to come up with a new little fall dress. Where I live "Fall" is still in the low 80's upper 70's so you need something you can peel layers off or add layers to as the weather warms up then cools down in a single day. That led to this casually romantic little dress I've named Daydream:

It comes in 7 floral shades with matching jacket. The cuffs on the jacket are sculpted and coordinate with my previous release, Because, for mix and match fun. I also added additional colors to the Because outfit to accomodate this. The Navy Because is also still available via the Subscribe-O-matic, but grab it quick as it will be removed on Monday (it will still be for sale in the store, you just won't be able to grab it as a freebie anymore).

Make sure to visit the new island store at Dream on Bay! (see my profile pics to TP there or you can use the SLurl on the right side of this blog)