Monday, October 20, 2008

Attention Artists, Photographers and Models!

I've created a flickr stream for Solange! fans to submit their art. All photos must be of taken wearing a Solange! creation. Please read the rules prior to posting a picture.

Photos that grab my attention might be chosen for display in the store and if I pick YOURS you'll get a free Phat Pack of any outfit in my store. That's right.. ANY OUTFIT! So what are you waiting for? Get to shutterbugging! Then visit: post your photos.

Processed photos are fine but I prefer shots taken artistically in game to ones with a photoshopped background.

Please make sure your submissions are as high definition as your second life will permit and 512 x 512 in size or bigger (prefer bigger!).

Be creative, artistic, beautiful and have fun! This is not a "contest", just an opportunity for you to show off your talents and maybe win some phat loot in the process.



Shadow said...

gah... this has to happen when I have almost no time to be in second life... as I own more than half the content in your store... XD

Solange Cerveau said...

Don't worry! I'll be doing this for months and months :)