Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What does Paisley silk, soft Wool and rich Corduroy have in common?

My new release, Mademoiselle, that's what!

With this new release I've once again gone crazy with the options (I just can't seem to stop the flow of ideas once I get going, nor do I really want to!) Pants, gowns, dresses, skirts and panty sets are all part of this new Fall design. I'm ready for summer to wind down and get into all those yummy winter clothes.

I have 4 "outfits" for each color and one Camisole and Panty set but they are all interchangeable for even more looks. You can buy the Mini Skirt Set, the Gown, the Dress or the Pantset separately and each include the camisole and panties that match. Another option is to get the complete color set for a 25% discount OR splurge on the PHAT PACK for an even bigger discount that includes every THING in EVERY color. Phew!

I really love the rich feel of this outfit with the silky blouse and camisole, the soft wool on the corset and definately digging the corduroy skirts and pants. Brass detailing and color coordinated belt finish off the outfit nicely.

There are sculpted sleeves, lace cuffs, long shirts, short shirts, a lacey camisole to peek over the top (or not!), or even wear the camisole alone with the bottoms for a not quite winter, not quite summer look. A very versatile design, which I always love because it makes for great mixing and matching with all the other fun stuff in my inventory.

One last thing... I also designed a Mademoiselle Cameo Choker to accent the outfit and if you are in my Fashion Group you got it as a free gift yesterday. If you aren't a member feel free to join up and grab your free choker.


<3 Solange