Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NEW! at Solange! - It's Fiesta time!

Today's two releases are designs that just feel good to wear. You'll want to rush to the nearest tropical paradise and bask in the surf, sand and sun or maybe don the special black or white version and explore the sweltering tropical night with someone you love. Whatever your choice you'll feel dressed to impress with the new Fiesta Dress or Silk.

Ok, yes, I went crazy with colors again but it was like a flower garden for me and i couldn't stop myself. There are 12 colors to choose from PLUS if you buy the phatpack you get a FREE BONUS shade of Pink for a total of 13 colors.

The Fiesta Dress: Includes Top and panties and 4 skirt options including long, short, sheer or solid/sheer mix. You also get draped armbands to complete the look. The armbands and skirts are accented with sculpted lilies.

The Fiesta Silk: Includes Top and panties, Floral accented armbands and a draped silk skirt.