Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Isn't it ironic...

It's been gorgeous weather for about a week now and it totally inspired me to make this casual Summer Dare outfit as I was running around in shorts and loving spring! Today I release it and it is pouring rain and cold again. I find that incredibly funny.

This is also my first attempt at jeans and, actually, I've been runnin' around in those jeans for a few weeks and really liked them but wasn't feeling confident to actually release them to the public. Jeans are such a personal thing, ya know? We all have our own idea of what looks and feels good when it comes to them. I was thinking, well, I love them but I'm a goober... then I thought about it and remembered a few of you are too =P.

The Summer Dare outfit comes with a black version and a blue version of the jeans as well as 3 tops in varying shades. The tops shades are mirrored on the patches on the jeans to color coordinate them and give the outfit a country girl casual look that I'm really enjoying right now. You can also buy just the jeans separately without the patches for 75L each if you like them and want to be wear them with the bazillion other tops you have in your inventory.

Also, if you missed it, I gave away a couple freebies for St. Patrick's Day. If you aren't in my Fashion Group you should join up so you don't miss out! You can still get the Shamrock Dare Top for 1L in the Bargain Basement of my main store. Quite a bargain if I say so m'self!

The Back in Green outfit is also out for sale in the store if you aren't in group and missed the giveaway and just gotta have it. This is the first complete outfit I made when I had just started to design and it is still, surprisingly to me, a hot seller. After doing it over in green and looking at it I think I may make a few changes on it and do more colors now I know a bit more about making clothes. We'll see, I may just stay lazy!

Ok, I think that's it from me today. I've got a couple more outfits in the works but couldn't tell you when they'll be out.

Oh! One last note. Shiny Things released a new Boho Leather Sandal in 4 shades that looks absolutely faboo with the new Summer Dare outfit. I love those sandals and have been wearing them for a week. On Queenie Extraordinaire's blog I think she has a link to Shiny Things new blog so you can get a peek at the new stuff now just by surfing that. Too cool.

Check my sidebar for links to Queenie, Second Style, etc... I'll add more when I get off my lazy butt and do it.

<3 Solange

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Double Dog Dare you!


This new release is probably my favorite design so far. I was experimenting in photoshop with some new techniques and was so excited with the results. Dare! features a sheer chiffon slightly ruffled mini skirt that seems to flow like cream when you move. It's topped with an almost handkerchief shirt style cut top except the lowcut neckline, silver (or gold) lame' accents and silver strapped back combine to make this outfit anything but casual. This is definately my must wear outfit next time I hit the clubs! Errr... should I call you first before I go to make sure we don't show up wearing the same color? Let me know!

Hope you love this one as much as I do! I also included a hottie pack so you can buy all 8 for a 25% savings if you are like me and always want one in every color. Enjoy!

<3 <3 Solange