Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I wanna be a cowboy...

And you can be my cowgirl...

Ok, that song is in my head and really has nothing to do with this post! Anywayyyyy.... Gunslinger Boots are now available in 6 new fun colors. If you need a particular color that I don't have out please IM me and let me know what you need. If it's doable I'm happy to create it in the color you want.

I've also done the gunslinger corset and belt (I had to amend this post for the addition of the belt) in white and you can buy it for 150L. Haha, are any of you noticing that ever since I forced myself to work in white EVERYTHING gets a white version? ... anyone? ... Hello?...



Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something Wicked this way Comes...

and I think it's called... TROUBLE!!!

Leather, Satin and Lace all combine to make an outfit that is devilishly wicked and definately Trouble(I've even included some demon horns for when you're feeling particularly demonic!) The Leather boots are buckled and have two styles of FLEX! thigh cuffs: one with metal accents and dangling chain, one without.

The buckled leather belt has flex accents to give the affect of dangling leather and chains off one hip. The buckled arm cuffs come in two versions so you can have metal bands or just the buckles, your choice. There is a long silk and lace loin skirt or you can opt to wear just a teasing bit of lace.

The Teddy corset is all leather with satin laces up the back and lace trim in front and at the legs. You can actually wear the Gunslinger lace ruffle with this outfit if you like as it fits rather nicely with the ensemble.

You also get a buckled choker/collar and some matching leather gloves (There are tintable stockings as well but I didn't list them on the box.. oops!) The only thing in the box pic you don't get (besides hair and skin) is the cross chain necklace. You can find that at Simply Spoiled by Sampson Suntzu. He's got one for sale in my store as well as several more color choices at his main store so check that out!

Regardless of how you decide to wear this outfit, you'll definately be TROUBLE!

-----I would like to give some footnotes for hair and skin. I appreciate when other designers do this so I'll start too!
Skin by Celestial Studios (Charmed Skin - 40 (red-Dusk), Hair by Panache (Drakk in Ice Blonde), Hair by Calico Creations (Ember IV-Midnight)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Gunslinger! NEW.. and FUN..and SEXAY!

Todays release is one I'm really REALLY excited about. The boots are sexay, the outfit is saucy and it all adds up to BIG FUN! The Gunslinger outfit is completely color changeable. The FLEX! skirts and collar are scripted with a touch color menu, so you simply click on them while you have it on and use the menu to pick the color you want. The clothes layers are all modifiable in appearance so you can use the color palette found there to color them in whatever shade you favor that day. The belt is my favorite, hehe, with five silver bullets tucked in on the side you are ready for action of ANY kind!

I wanted some cool ankle boots to wear with this outfit, boots that had the same gunslinger sort of flavor but couldn't find any that truly suited my needs. Sooooo... I broke out some prims and got to torturing with really great results. Right now you can get them in White Leather or Black Leather with silver trim but I may do them in more colors later. I used a really nice grain leather on the boots so its got a real feel to it and used different metal shades for all the trims and buckles. I love them and will probalby wear this outfit for a month =P I almost didn't share it! Wanted to keep it all for me me ME! Hehe.

Okay that's all from me tonight.

<3 Sol

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cleaning out my closet...

Here are a few more of those outfits that have been sitting in my inventory and I've been a bit lazy about putting out. Usually these outfits are special requests by customers for a certain color or trim on an existing outfit which I'm usually pretty happy to do. I'm just not always so quick to box it up for the store afterward hehe. Seems the new year has me inspired to get up off my lazy bum and get these out for you all to enjoy. The persia outfit looks great with the gold trim and the fever panty set in red silk is too hot! So thar ya go! Enjoy.

I should also mention I'll be remodeling the store soon as I seem to be filling it up but I'd like to get my new design finished first. I think you'll like this new one... alot! I do! Look for it in a few days.. or weeks.. god with me who knows but it's almost done so should be out soon.

<3 Sol

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Legacy in white and gold!

THIS is my new favorite outfit. White and gold legacy is absolutely stunning. I love it. Love love love it! I'm incredibly happy with both white versions but this one is my absolute fave. For some reason the Billy Idol's song White Wedding is coming to mind... hehehe

It's a .. nice day for a.. white wedding... ^_~

<3 Sol

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!

The Legacy Stilettos are now available in White with either Gold or Silver trim. Yes, this means Legacy in white will be out soon with Gold trim. It's done just need to do the pics and get it out in the store. So look for that tonight!

<3 Sol

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another Post from me today?!?!

Here's a shimmery little dress for you to slink around the town in at night.

This was a special request and at first I was like, hmmmm, I don't know but after playing with it a bit I'm like.. Oh yeahhhhh! Great idea! So keep those ideas coming! :))

I don't usually do so many releases in one day but these have been sitting on the burner awhile now and about time I got busy putting them out!


<3 Sol (checks another item off her list of things to do)

Tequila in Black!

Well it feels good to be catching up on some old projects that have been on my To Do list for what seems like forever. So here is another one I can cross of the list! Tequila Pantset in Black and Tequila Lacey set in Black to complete the mix and match for the Tequila Sweaterset I released at the beginning of December. I know this is going to make a few gals (and one particular guy) very happy! Enjoy!

<3 Sol

Monday, January 01, 2007

At last! Legacy in White

Finally! I know many of you have been waiting months for this one so I'm glad to finally get it done for you. Legacy looks amazing in white, I'm really happy with how it came out. Especially since white and I have been known to disagree.. alot. I"ve got the matching boots as well but the stilettos will be a few days yet as I'm not happy with them yet so look for them later. Happy New Year! <3 Sol