Monday, January 08, 2007

Gunslinger! NEW.. and FUN..and SEXAY!

Todays release is one I'm really REALLY excited about. The boots are sexay, the outfit is saucy and it all adds up to BIG FUN! The Gunslinger outfit is completely color changeable. The FLEX! skirts and collar are scripted with a touch color menu, so you simply click on them while you have it on and use the menu to pick the color you want. The clothes layers are all modifiable in appearance so you can use the color palette found there to color them in whatever shade you favor that day. The belt is my favorite, hehe, with five silver bullets tucked in on the side you are ready for action of ANY kind!

I wanted some cool ankle boots to wear with this outfit, boots that had the same gunslinger sort of flavor but couldn't find any that truly suited my needs. Sooooo... I broke out some prims and got to torturing with really great results. Right now you can get them in White Leather or Black Leather with silver trim but I may do them in more colors later. I used a really nice grain leather on the boots so its got a real feel to it and used different metal shades for all the trims and buckles. I love them and will probalby wear this outfit for a month =P I almost didn't share it! Wanted to keep it all for me me ME! Hehe.

Okay that's all from me tonight.

<3 Sol

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Can't wait to get mine!