Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cleaning out my closet...

Here are a few more of those outfits that have been sitting in my inventory and I've been a bit lazy about putting out. Usually these outfits are special requests by customers for a certain color or trim on an existing outfit which I'm usually pretty happy to do. I'm just not always so quick to box it up for the store afterward hehe. Seems the new year has me inspired to get up off my lazy bum and get these out for you all to enjoy. The persia outfit looks great with the gold trim and the fever panty set in red silk is too hot! So thar ya go! Enjoy.

I should also mention I'll be remodeling the store soon as I seem to be filling it up but I'd like to get my new design finished first. I think you'll like this new one... alot! I do! Look for it in a few days.. or weeks.. god with me who knows but it's almost done so should be out soon.

<3 Sol

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