Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something Wicked this way Comes...

and I think it's called... TROUBLE!!!

Leather, Satin and Lace all combine to make an outfit that is devilishly wicked and definately Trouble(I've even included some demon horns for when you're feeling particularly demonic!) The Leather boots are buckled and have two styles of FLEX! thigh cuffs: one with metal accents and dangling chain, one without.

The buckled leather belt has flex accents to give the affect of dangling leather and chains off one hip. The buckled arm cuffs come in two versions so you can have metal bands or just the buckles, your choice. There is a long silk and lace loin skirt or you can opt to wear just a teasing bit of lace.

The Teddy corset is all leather with satin laces up the back and lace trim in front and at the legs. You can actually wear the Gunslinger lace ruffle with this outfit if you like as it fits rather nicely with the ensemble.

You also get a buckled choker/collar and some matching leather gloves (There are tintable stockings as well but I didn't list them on the box.. oops!) The only thing in the box pic you don't get (besides hair and skin) is the cross chain necklace. You can find that at Simply Spoiled by Sampson Suntzu. He's got one for sale in my store as well as several more color choices at his main store so check that out!

Regardless of how you decide to wear this outfit, you'll definately be TROUBLE!

-----I would like to give some footnotes for hair and skin. I appreciate when other designers do this so I'll start too!
Skin by Celestial Studios (Charmed Skin - 40 (red-Dusk), Hair by Panache (Drakk in Ice Blonde), Hair by Calico Creations (Ember IV-Midnight)

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