Sunday, September 23, 2018

NEW! Camisk variations for the SOS Charity Event supporting Doctors Without Borders

NEW for the Spoonful of Sugar - Doctors Without Borders Charity Event:

TOP and MIDDLE PHOTO: Shiny pastel camisk with modesty option panty and materials enabled.  HUD for transparency adjustment.  4 colors available for individual purchase or fatpack with 50% discount.

BOTTOM PHOTO:  Latex camisk and full thong with materials enabled.   HUD for transparency adjustment. 9 colors available for individual purchase or fatpack with 50% discount.

Available at the SOS Charity Event in Second Life until September 30, 2018.

DEMOS are available at the event and at the main Solange! store

There are 5 shopping sims full of great items with 25%-100% of proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.   The Event started September 15th (I'm late sending out the notice!) so you won't have to fight full sims at this time. 

You still have plenty of time to shop and very little lag or overcrowded sims.  Yay!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

NEW! at Solange! - Satin Camisk

New from Solange!

Mesh Satin Camisk available in 14 Colors.

Includes the following sizes in fitted mesh:
- Belleza: Venus, Isis, Freya
- Slink: Physique, Hourglass
- Maitreya Lara

This is materials enabled.

Requires a Mesh Compatible Viewer.

FatPack Includes 14 Color HUD with option to hide/show panties plus option for Black, White or Gray panty with Transparency slider.

Individual colors include Panty HUD for hide/Show, transparencey and option for Black, White or Gray panty.

Available for purchase individually or you can buy the 14 Color FatPack and save 50%

These can be purchased on SL Marketplace or in Second Life at the Solange! Fashions Flagship Store.

NEW! at Solange! - Silk Camisks (catch-up post)

NEW!  Fitted Mesh Silk Camisk in 12 colors.  Purchase each color separately or buy the FatPack and save 50%.

Includes the following sizes in fitted mesh:
- Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya
- Slink Physique, Hourglass
- Maitreya Lara

Materials and Non-Materials enabled versions included.

Silk Camisk HUD for Single Color includes options for transparency, hide, glow, and shine ONLY.

Silk Camisk HUD for the FatPack includes all 12 colors available PLUS options for transparency, hide, glow and shine.

Available for purchase individually or you can buy the 12 Color FatPack and save 50%.

Solange! Christmas Sale - EVERYTHING in the store is 50% OFF

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sale at Solange!

Solange has put EVERYTHING in the store on sale!  You get 50% off Single items, Fatpacks and even the NEW RELEASE!

This sale is only on items sold at the MAIN Solange! Store located in Second Life here:

Solange! Fashions Flagship Store

**SL Marketplace and Satellite Locations NOT included in sale.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Solange! - Omega Applier Hud Update for March 17, 2017 - Slide Dress

(I'm a little behind on blog posts but working to get it caught up with the latest Solange! News.  Thank you for your patience!)

Sneaking in some more Omega Applier Updates between mesh projects. 

Todays Outfit updated with Omega Appliers is the Solange! Slide Dress.

This is a FREE update for those of you that have purchased this dress in the past.  Use the Redelivery Terminal at the main Solange! store to get your FREE update here:

If your purchase doesn't show up on the Redelivery Terminal send me a notecard with your name and purchase information, if available, and I'll get you sorted out.

I get a lot of Omega Applier Updates requests for older clothing layer outfits and while I can't do them all, I try to do some for outfits that are popular and aren't too outdated.  

This is classic clothing layers and flex prims.


Dress:  Solange! Slide Dress in Pink
Mesh Head: Catwa BENTO Catya
Mesh Body:  Belleza - Isis
Eyes:  IKON Vanity Eyes - Denim (M)
Hair:  Argrace - Iroha
Mesh Hands:  Vista Bento ProHands
Necklace:  Blueberry - Energy Choker - (gacha)
Ears:  Mandala Elf Ears
Skin:  YS&YS - Danana
Pose:  Everglow

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Solange! - New Tops PLUS an update!


- Torrid and Sophia Tops now available in White
- Torrid and Sophia Tops now includes Slink Hourglass FitMesh
- Torrid and Sophia Tops Maitreya FitMesh out of beta, Updated to Official

Solange Torrid and Sophia Top Update Notes:

-Updated Maitreya Lara fitted mesh to Official (no more beta!)  This should hopefully fix any clipping customers were  experiencing with the beta version.

-Added a fitted mesh version for Slink Hourglass.

-Added HUD for color change in the threepacks and demo to reduce need for multiple copies of the same top.

-In addition to resize, HUD now has added options for hide, transparency, glow, brightness and shine.

If you purchased these tops, either in the store or on SL Marketplace, you should receive an updated version automatically.  If you do not receive your update please visit the redelivery terminal at the main Solange! store.

Available on SL Marketplace or at Solange! Main Store.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Solange! - for Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Solange! iHeartU Thong Panties in two colors with three choices of optional heart patterns (or none at all).

You get two colors for the price of one with this Valentine's Day special.

Includes the following sizes in mesh:
- Standard sizing (L,M,S,XS,XXS)
- Belleza Fitted Mesh: Venus, Isis, Freya
- Slink Fitted Mesh: Physique, Hourglass
- Maitreya Lara Fitted Mesh
- Unrigged versions for Classic, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya

iHeartU Thong HUD for resizing, glow, shine and transparency options as well as both colors with 4 variations for heart decals including none at all.

Available at Solange! Fashions in Second Life or you can purchase on SL Marketplace.

As always, 100% Original Mesh.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Solange! - Thong Panties

Sometimes a girl just needs a good pair of mesh panties.

Includes the following sizes in mesh:
Standard sizing (L,M,S,XS,XXS)

Belleza Fitted Mesh: Venus, Isis, Freya
Slink Fitted Mesh:  Physique, Hourglass
Maitreya Lara
Unrigged versions for Classic, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya

Available in 12 individual colors or you can buy the fatpack and save 50%.

Panty HUD includes options for resizing, glow, shine and transparency options.  Fatpack HUD also includes texture change.

Bonus Modesty Pad included which is a panty version which covers the crotch only so you can wear those tight mini skirts without panty straps showing through as well as avoiding flashing the paparazzi when you climb out of that limousine.

Available at Solange! in Second Life and on SL Marketplace.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas from Solange (gifts!)

I put out two gifts in the store for Christmas.  You can visit Solange! Fashions in Second Life by clicking here.

The red version is the VIP Group Gift and you'll need to wear your Solange! group tag to get it.   It is on the group gift wall with the gift cards and redelivery terminal.

The green version is for everyone, no group required and can be found at the front of the store.

I also added Omega Appliers to the Sassy Dot Dress gift box so you can now wear that with your mesh bodies.   Grab an updated version of this outfit buy purchasing the christmas wrapped gift for 0L.

Happy Holidays!