Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Men Stuff! - Highlander wraps and kilts and sexy style OH MY!

Todays release is for the men (but we women love to wear our men's clothes so it looks great on us too!)

Many of you guys will be happy to know I have followed through on my promise and created a men's version of the Highland Wrap as well as a couple of kilts to coordinate with it. Several options in each design are offered, as usual, with careful attention to detail.

All 3 designs come in 9 colors plus the Urban Kilt comes in a special all leather version. Highlander Wraps have 3 variations all of which include the option of a medallion. Highlander Urban Kilts include 2 styles per color with leather pants to wear underneath. The Highlander Gladiator Kilts include 3 styles with modesty pants to wear underneath, but guys, we women won't mind if you don't wear them!

You can buy them individually or save 40% on a phatpack.

Official Box Photos Below:


Panel 1 Style File:

*Solange!* Highlander Wrap in Black
*Solange!* Highlander Urban Kilt in Black
Boots by Shiny Things
Skin by Abyss

*Solange!* Highlander Wrap in Red
*Solange!* Highlander Gladiator Kilt (mixed) in Red
Boots by Shiny Things
Skin by Abyss
Hair by Analog Dog

Panel 2 Style File:

*Solange!* Highlander Wrap in Black
*Solange!* Highlander Urban Kilt in Black
Skin by Abyss

*Solange!* Highland Hipbanger Jacket with prim cuffs
*Solange!* Highlander Urban Kilt in Mauve
Skin by Laqroki
Necklace by Shiny Things
Hair by Zero Style
Elf Ears by Illusions (Siyu Suen)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Camisole and Panty sets at Solange!

Two new camisole and panty sets are now available at Solange!. The first one is a lovely floral design edged in lace and comes in a pack of 3 colors. The second is more casual in a light cotton fabric with subtle pattern and comes in a pack of 9 colors. Each full pack of colors is only 250L!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shalenas - Special Edition White

Many of you expressed an interest in a white version of Shalenas so I decided to give it another look. Originally I was not happy with how it looked in white but after some changes I'm thrilled with the new look. The trim on the white version is Black with gold accents instead of Gold with russet accents, and the gemstones on the armbands are all diamonds as opposed to mixed colors.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shalenas - -new fantasy wear by Solange!

The new release, Shalenas, comes in 7 rich, vibrant colors with many wear options. You get the top and panties with solid and sheer options (provided on shirt/undershirt and pants/underwear layers) as well as 6 variations on the skirt.

The top and panties can be worn alone for a sleek fashionable swimsuit or as lingerie. Add the skirt and armbands and you are ready to explore the elven forests or the sultan's harem, wherever your fantasy leads you.

The Long skirt comes in full prim belt version or a simpler version made to be worn with the panties. A short version is provided as well, in both full prim belt and simple version, with an additional option of a sheer or solid to coordinate with the sheer versions of the top and panties.

The design has a mediterranian feel and has all the intricate detail and quality you have come to expect from Solange! Fashions.

Buy them individually or get the phatpack and save 40%.