Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NEW RELEASE - Heat 2.0

This is a completely reworked edition of one of my very old fantasy designs. I asked the very talented Elysium Eilde of Second Look Studio to do some photos of the new design and, as usual, she supplied stunning results!

She did her photoshoot in the "Harem" room beneath the new Solange! store in Dream on Bay. Models from l- r: Vixie Rayna, Elysium Eilde, Feles Seitan, Halfpint Pennell

Model: Elysium Eilde wearing Heat in White set to Gold trim with jewelry from Heat in Pink.

All the jewelry and accessories the harem girls are wearing are included with the outfit as well as 5 metal trim options, all with a click of the menu. Models from l-r: Vixie Rayna, Halfpint Pennell, Elysium Eilde, Feles Seitan

Heat in Teal is shown here with the Black Metal trim. Model: Elysium Eilde

Heat 2.0 is available in 9 colors or you can buy the Phat Pack and get a 40% discount. Comes with all the jewelry and accessories needed for a complete harem look as well as 6 different flex skirt options to choose from. 36 pieces total for this set. Scripted metal change for 5 different metal trim looks as well as 3 different metal look trimmed bras and panties. Lots of options, lots of wearability and tons of sensual "Heat".

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