Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Solange! Fashions 12 Days of Christmas Gift Hunt!

Today begins the 12 days of Christmas Gift Hunt at Solange! Fashions

How it works:

1. Throughout the month of December until December 25, 2007 I will be setting out Christmas Gifts for you to find (12 total). They look like the Christmas Ornaments on the FREE Christmas Silk Box that you see when you TP into the store.

2. Only TWO gifts will be in the store at any given time. Right now gift #1 is hidden somewhere in the store, in a day or two Gift #2 will be in the store. When I put Gift #3 out, Gift #1 will disappear. So don't dilly dally or you'll miss out on a gift!

3. No IMing me for hints or questions as to where it might be hidden. They are in plain site but may not be seen from a distance so you'll have to be somewhat close to find them.

4. The Gifts are no Transfer, so bring the gang and hunt for them together.

5. I have no idea when I will set the next gift out. I could be tomorrow or 3 days from now, anyone that knows me knows I just can't live on a schedule in my SL! :) I'll make an announcement in my store group, Solange! Fashions, whenever I set a new gift out in the store and I'll also post a note here in my blog. So keep checking back.

6. The picture at the top of this post is what you get if you find Gift #1. Happy Hunting!!

Happy Holidays!

<3 Solange

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