Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas only comes once a year?

I've gotten a few IM's from folks that had to travel for the holidays and missed some of the 12 days of Christmas gifts so....

I've decided to give one final opportunity to grab the 12 gifts.

You can find them in the store until January 1, 2008. When midnight on January 1st of 2008 strikes in SL the gifts will no longer be available. No amount of pleading, begging or bribery will .. hmmm bribery... wait.. no! Not even bribery! will get me to put these out again.

Have fun!

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Lane Luke said...

Ohhh Solange - You put together a fabulous 12 Days of Christmas topped off with a most beautiful gown! Thank you kindly for all your generosity and Christmas spirit - it was wonderful and fun! I wish for you a very prosperous and happy New Year.