Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Silver and Gold Peacock Jewelry Set

This is the new jewelry set to go with the updated Peacock silk I'll be posting pics on soon. This set feels like something from one of those old movies like The Ten Commandments with the captive slave beauty all bedecked in finery. A beautiful desert flower in silver and gold, silks flowing as she walks... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... err.. yah.. back to reality. I am not a persian beauty in real life, I am not a persian beauty in real life, I am not a.. what? why you looking at me like that?? Everyone needs a reality check now and then... dammit!

You can buy the pieces separately or buy the whole pack and save some linden. It comes scripted so you can click on the pearl stone and pull up a color change menu. I did this so you could match it to any of the peacock silks you choose (or some other outfit you have, whichever works :) ). I like the idea of selling the jewelry separately so you only have to buy it once instead of buying it with every silk package. Money saving is good, mmmkay.

Look for yet another post later today for the new silks. The female version is out today, the men's version is still a couple days away.

<3 Solange

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