Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sexy, Sultry, Silky...

I love silks. I can't help it. They just call to me those wonderful old movies about the roman empire, or even the movie Gladiator. Just beautiful to look at and so feminine. Even if you don't enjoy the D/s or Gorean lifestyle they are still fun to wear and make me feel sexy. It's like lingerie with a twist!

Anyway, this newest release is a remake of the old Peacock Kajira silk that I made before FLEX existed. It was my first silk and is still lovely but sadly outdated. Instead of toss it in the trash bin I decided to give it a makeover. I've learned so much about designing since then so was eager to apply my new "l33t PS skilz" to an old design. I think I'll be redoing a few of my older styles as I just don't think they reflect where I am today in my designing and I know they could be improved. So look for some updates on old styles in the coming months. Yes months because I'm a slow ass designer and I know it.

This silk comes with 4 skirts; A long and short option in a sheer silk with subtle inlaid pattern and a long and short option in the solid brocade with brass and silver metal trim. You can go commando under the silk by just wearing the belt or don the panties for a more discreet appearance. The top comes in sheer and solid version as well. I've included armbands with a long sheer silk drape and a chest adornment (2 of them actually, one attaches at chest, one at spine, so if you wear a collar you can wear the chest adornment on the OTHER attachment).

The accent jewelry is sold separately and you can read the post below this one to see the details on that.

The men's Peacock should be available by the weekend and I'm so excited about it. Think .. Gladiator .. sexy style! Yummmmmm.

Ok that's it for my posts today. I'm all caught up til the next release! Yay!!!!

Party on!

<3 Solange

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