Thursday, April 05, 2007

NEW! Warrior Silk

Yah, I'm thinking... Conan the Barbarian. What can I say, I like men in, well, not much! =P

This started out as an update of the old Peacock design but mutated into something so much more. The guys get a ton of variations in this new Peacock Silk for men.

2 Versions of the shinguards
2 Versions of the armbands
4 Versions of the FLEX loin cloth
Bracers, Circlet, Chest Straps and even a Chest Medallion along with variations of the thong or the option to just wear the belt and go commando underneath it all... oh my! *covers her eyes*

Again I broke out the big crayola box so I'm offering 18 rich shades to choose from and plenty of wear options. There is lots of attention to detail and the fabric is a rich shaded brocade on the solid versions and a shimmery silk with inlaid design on the sheer styles.

Enjoy! I know I will.... woot!

<3 Solange

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