Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Silky Devotion ...

The new Devotion Silk is a silky striped confection that is sure to please. Loaded with extras including all the jewelry accessories, 2 styles of silk skirt (one heavy prim, one light prim) in both short and long variations. You get a silver lame' accented bra top with a prim Chest dangly for accent. Matching panties are required on the low prim skirt version and optional on they heavier prim one.

A short and long version of the shoulder drape is also included. All the usual armbands, anklets, bracelets and circlet as well as earrings and belly ring and collar. It comes in 8 colors or you can buy the PHAT PACK for a 30% discount.

You can also purchase the matching cloaks singly or in the PHAT PACK. There are 3 variations of the cloak including a VERY cute little capelet version that I can't stop wearing.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Devotion Dress and Relay for Life Clothing Fair!

The Devotion Cocktail Dress is sensual and sophisticated and will definately make an impression at any gathering.

The bodice is crinkled silk stripes in gently contrasting tones accented with silver lame' straps. The silver accent is continued in a band beneath the breasts, the t-backed straps with silver and black embellishment and also in an extra band of slender piping that dips coyly between the breasts.

Shirred silk covers the stomach and back ending at a dip below the waist in front where it meets the chiffon thigh length skirt. The fabric of the skirt is light and flows gently with each movement of the body.

It is available in 10 Colors PLUS the SPECIAL EDITION RELAY FOR LIFE Pink for a total of 11 colors to choose from. You can contribute to helping find a cure for cancer and get yourself a lovely RFL Pink version of the Devotion Dress (which includes matching shoes!!!) in the process.

You can finish off the new Devotion Dress with two styles of color matched Slides.

Both styles of shoes are available in all 11 Devotion colors (except the Devotion Slide in RFL Pink - that comes with the outfit when you donate to Relay for Life via the vendor I have out in the store or at the Clothing Fair)


Friday, March 14, 2008

Updated NEW! Tryst - Now with a matching Skirt!

**My muse went on a creative binge this morning and while I should have been working on stuff to meet all those pending deadlines she inspired me to play around with the Tryst outfit and I ended up making a cute little striped mini-skirt addition to the design. I've tossed it in the Tryst sales boxes in the store as a FREE addition and sent updated copies to everyone that purchased the Tryst Short Set since I released it two days ago. Enjoy!**

The Tryst Short Set is a silky striped short set with short black bolero style jacket that has complimentary trim to the shorts and tiny top. Silver straps and accenting on the bodice of the top up the ante on glamour. You can also choose to wear it with the prim mini skirt and shorties for more of a clubbing look. Toss on your favorite boots or shoes for a sassy smart sexy look that dresses up or down easily.

It also includes a silver embellished prim belt that is my test run with the a new sizing script. All you have to do is click on the belt and you will get a simple menu to increase or decrease the size of the belt in 10%, 5% and 1% increments.

(Scripting is off in the store so remember it WILL NOT WORK while you are in Solange! Fashions. The script is not broken you just need to go to a parcel that allows scripts to run)

I'm also offering a phat pack that will save you 30%.

Here's the pics!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do you feel Lucky?

With St. Patrick's Day rapidly approaching and me very much in need of a positive pick-me-up, I decided to throw a little fun around and installed a Lucky Chair in my main store in Wall: 198, 168,97.

I've only put one prize in there to start and test the waters. If the chair is a hit I"ll add more prizes and perhaps an additional chair.

The picture above is a sneak peek at a new design I'm releasing this week and completely free! All you have to do is visit my lucky chair and wait for your letter to come up OR the question mark, which means it's a wildcard and anyone can sit.

Right now it's set at 5 minutes and should hit wildcard often. After all, the point is for people to be able to get this lovely little dress.


Winter Wool for MEN

Today's NEW release is the men's version of Winter Wool. The first of several new designs I'm releasing this week.

This design features a soft ribbed Turtleneck with sculpted collar and stylish wool slacks. It comes in 3 different color combinations or you can buy the PHAT PACK and get all 3 colors for the price of 2, (a 33% savings!)

I am also releasing an additional colorpack of 3 turtlenecks with sculpted collars only (no slacks).