Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NEW! Sylph (From the TSR Goddess Collection)

Fragile and delicate as the finest flower, beautiful as spring, graceful, elegant... the sylph embodies the magic of the deep forest and the mythical fairy rings. She is sunlight and moonlight and all things in between. As elusive as mist beneath the suns warm rays, her whispered song the rustle of leaves in the wind... explore the fantasy :)

Sylph... From the Silk Raven Goddess Collection... now available in Solange! Fashions main store. Wall (198, 168, 97)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

NEW Release: Rosette Beach Lingerie

It's a beautiful day outside where I live, sunny and warm and I can feel spring teasing me even though I know its still a month or two away. Spring Fever? You bet!

So in celebration of Spring today's release is what I call Beach Lingerie. The kind of outfit that can go easily from Beach to Bedroom.
And if you're really feeling saucy, throw on the fringed skirt wrap and wear it clubbing.

I've got nine luscious colors to choose from but at only 150L each you may splurge on more than one :)

See you at the beach!

<3 Sol

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

GOLD RUSH! or.. Gunslinger goes Gold! or...

.. well you get the picture.. literally! Hah! I crack me up!

You can now get Gunslinger Boots in Gold trim as well as the original silver. The Crimson is my favorite but they all look pretty damn hot.

In other news, Happy Valentine's Day! Today all my groupie got a free lingerie set in their morning notice spam from Solange! Fashions:

If you aren't in my fashion group you can still get some free panties for Valentine's Day, just IM me and say you saw this offer in my Blog and VOILA! Insta Panty Set in your inventory!.. But hurry, this offer expires tomorrow, 2/15/07 at midnight.

<3 Solange