Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Solange! welcomes the Holiday Season with new Applier Updates!

Happy Holidays!

The following Solange! Christmas outfits have been updated and are in the store now.

To get your FREE update:  Use the Redelivery Terminal at the front of the main Solange! Fashions store (SLurl)  This includes SLM purchases.

To purchase these outfits:  Visit the main Solange! Fashions store and go to the What's New section of the store.

You can also purchase them on SL Marketplace by clicking this link and using the search word "Christmas" in my SLM Store.

These outfits have been updated to include the following appliers:
Slink Physique
Belleza Venus
TheMeshProject Body
Phat/Cute Azz
WowMeh Body
Omega (Universal HUD that can work with numerous mesh bodies and parts)

Happy Holidays!

Solange Cerveau
Solange! Fashions