Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am happy to announce the winner and runner up for the December Solange! Peace on Earth Contest!

The winner is Sarina Dumart with a very wintery photo of her wearing Saturday in White and feeding the deer in the snow (She does look a little cold though!) Her winning photo is featured below.

Congratulations Sarina! Your prize is a 2500L Gift Certificate for Solange! Fashions.


The Runner-up is Hearts Baroque with her submission looking very angelic in the lace layers of Gunslinger as she keeps an eye on the world (let's hope she doesn't decide to do some Harlem Globetrotter tricks with that thing and send our world into a spin!). Her photo submission is featured below:

Congratulations Hearts! Your prize is a 1000L Gift Certificate for Solange! Fashions.

Please join me in congratulating Sarina and Hearts for their winning submissions!