Tuesday, July 15, 2008

REACT! New Jewelry, Boots and Dress!

3 New Releases:

All fun and flirty and most importantly, sexy!

The Boots are perfect for just about any outfit where you need something sleek and stylish to show off those long legs without distracting from the ensemble.

The jewelry set is done in a dark metallic for a more vintage look that can also go modern.

The dress comes in 9 colors all fun and flirty with a subtly tattered lace flex skirt and cuffs and matching cap.

You can also buy the dress in a PHATPACK for a 30% savings on all 9 colors.



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Aphrodisia Lingerie and Silks!

My newest releases are scripted to allow you to tint them in 64 different colors as well as change the metal trim to 3 different metals: Gold, Silver and Copper.

The first one is a saucy little Lingerie design that's sure to please. You can purchase it in a very sheer silky fabric that has a subtle pattern or you can purchase it in a not quite as sheer linen fabric. The sheer one will give you lighter shades while the linen gives you a little darker tint and a more obvious pattern to the fabric. This one is sure to make a few pulses race.

My second design is a silk that comes, as usual, with all the trimmings. Based on the style of the lingerie but with a slightly different top and traditional silk bottom, you get 26 pieces to mix and match along with your 64 color and 3 metal trim selections. This should keep you busy just trying to decide what color to wear!

Or... you can buy it in singles... or a singles PHAT PACK.

There are 9 colors to choose from of the Singles version and they are scripted so you can choose to have either gold or silver trim. 26 pieces in all plus color matched panties with silver and gold for each one.

The difference between the Singles and the 64 Color version is that the 64 color version comes with solid gold or solid silver panties in lieu of the color matched ones in the single and phatpack sets and gives you the option of one more metal trim and 64 color tints to apply to the fabric texture.