Monday, September 03, 2007

Today's release, Monsieur...

... is all about the men. Take a look!

I'm so excited to release my first men's design. I"ll admit at times during the creation process I was asking myself WHY?? I discovered there are a few tricky little places on the men's avatar that can screw up the best made plans for a design! But I perservered and I'm very happy with the results. I think it's sexy and stylish and worth the new bald spots in my hairstyle. =P

This design compliments the woman's design, Mademoiselle, that I released last week with matching shades. Like all my designs this one also comes with several wear options from business to casual.

You get pleated corduroy slacks, A buttoned up shirt with tuxedo collar, a sexy unbuttoned version to drive the ladies wild and a casual unbuttoned version with a ribbed t-shirt underneath for a comfy yet stylish look. You also get two jackets, one in a light shade and one in a dark shade to suit your mood.

You can buy each set separately or save some linden and get all 6 colors in the Phat Pack for a 20% discount.

I hope you enjoy it! Happy Shopping.