Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New! Ikbal - from the fantasy division of Solange! Fashions

If a woman was summoned to the bed of the Sultan and pleased him, she became an ikbal, a favorite one. She moved to larger quarters and received an increased stipend. The competition among the ikbals was fierce, for once a favorite of the Sultan, the next step was the Ottoman equivalent of "wife" ...

My latest release is called Ikbal and is for The Silk Raven fantasy division of Solange! Fashions. It comes in 7 vibrant colors and your choice of silver or gold trim. You get tons of options to go from modest to barely dressed!

You get 5 versions of the FLEX! Silk skirt (3 short and 2 long) and the option for low prim or higher prim, to wear with panties or without. You also get all the accessories including anklets, bangles, armbands, thighbands, earrings, belly ring and 2 versions of the Circlet (I couldn't decide which style I liked better so you get both!).

There is also a chest drape that comes in 3 versions from simple to fancy.

A total of 23 pieces in this set.

You can also get all the colors in the PHATPACK for a 30% discount.

Here's the rest of the colors....