Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Supah Sweet!

Here's what's new at Solange!...

For this design I experimented with patterns and colors for an eclectic summery mix. Like most of my designs, this one comes with great attention to detail and many wear options in a range from saucy to sweet. The Jacket and tank top can be worn separately or together for a variety of looks. You also get dressy shorts and shorty shorts, both of which can work as the skirt base depending on your personal style. The flex skirt adds just the right touch of sweetness to the outfit. AND... to make you feel good all under I've included a pair of super brief boy short panties that match the tank top.

Another thing I should mention is I released some new style shoes for summer. Like the first series of Romance Sandals, this Slide style is made with fabric that matches the Romance colors. I didn't stop there though, I also made them in nine (9) stitched leather colors to go with other stuff. Here are a couple pictures from that line that I should have posted a few weeks ago. Oops!

That style pictured above is also available in matching fabric for the Romance Dress series.

Summer has me busy and staying away from my computer alot (gotta love summer!) but I'm still busy designing... even if I am the slowest designer in SL! I have a couple new designs in the works already after finishing Sweet so I hope to have something new to post again soon!

<3 Solange