Thursday, April 05, 2007

NEW! Warrior Silk

Yah, I'm thinking... Conan the Barbarian. What can I say, I like men in, well, not much! =P

This started out as an update of the old Peacock design but mutated into something so much more. The guys get a ton of variations in this new Peacock Silk for men.

2 Versions of the shinguards
2 Versions of the armbands
4 Versions of the FLEX loin cloth
Bracers, Circlet, Chest Straps and even a Chest Medallion along with variations of the thong or the option to just wear the belt and go commando underneath it all... oh my! *covers her eyes*

Again I broke out the big crayola box so I'm offering 18 rich shades to choose from and plenty of wear options. There is lots of attention to detail and the fabric is a rich shaded brocade on the solid versions and a shimmery silk with inlaid design on the sheer styles.

Enjoy! I know I will.... woot!

<3 Solange

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sexy, Sultry, Silky...

I love silks. I can't help it. They just call to me those wonderful old movies about the roman empire, or even the movie Gladiator. Just beautiful to look at and so feminine. Even if you don't enjoy the D/s or Gorean lifestyle they are still fun to wear and make me feel sexy. It's like lingerie with a twist!

Anyway, this newest release is a remake of the old Peacock Kajira silk that I made before FLEX existed. It was my first silk and is still lovely but sadly outdated. Instead of toss it in the trash bin I decided to give it a makeover. I've learned so much about designing since then so was eager to apply my new "l33t PS skilz" to an old design. I think I'll be redoing a few of my older styles as I just don't think they reflect where I am today in my designing and I know they could be improved. So look for some updates on old styles in the coming months. Yes months because I'm a slow ass designer and I know it.

This silk comes with 4 skirts; A long and short option in a sheer silk with subtle inlaid pattern and a long and short option in the solid brocade with brass and silver metal trim. You can go commando under the silk by just wearing the belt or don the panties for a more discreet appearance. The top comes in sheer and solid version as well. I've included armbands with a long sheer silk drape and a chest adornment (2 of them actually, one attaches at chest, one at spine, so if you wear a collar you can wear the chest adornment on the OTHER attachment).

The accent jewelry is sold separately and you can read the post below this one to see the details on that.

The men's Peacock should be available by the weekend and I'm so excited about it. Think .. Gladiator .. sexy style! Yummmmmm.

Ok that's it for my posts today. I'm all caught up til the next release! Yay!!!!

Party on!

<3 Solange

Silver and Gold Peacock Jewelry Set

This is the new jewelry set to go with the updated Peacock silk I'll be posting pics on soon. This set feels like something from one of those old movies like The Ten Commandments with the captive slave beauty all bedecked in finery. A beautiful desert flower in silver and gold, silks flowing as she walks... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... err.. yah.. back to reality. I am not a persian beauty in real life, I am not a persian beauty in real life, I am not a.. what? why you looking at me like that?? Everyone needs a reality check now and then... dammit!

You can buy the pieces separately or buy the whole pack and save some linden. It comes scripted so you can click on the pearl stone and pull up a color change menu. I did this so you could match it to any of the peacock silks you choose (or some other outfit you have, whichever works :) ). I like the idea of selling the jewelry separately so you only have to buy it once instead of buying it with every silk package. Money saving is good, mmmkay.

Look for yet another post later today for the new silks. The female version is out today, the men's version is still a couple days away.

<3 Solange

Better late than never!

I've been slacking on my blog posts but I think it's because when I was creating this outfit SL decided to not rez textures or prims or and I was just too DONE from fighting with the grid to contemplate posting. But here I am now with piktars! I have been having a lot of fun playing with colors and highlights and shading lately so you all are just going to have to put up with my new big box of crayola's for awhile. If I start introducing colors like sienna and burnt orange feel free to tell me to give the crayola box back to my nephews where it belongs!

I love this texture. It's very rich and presents the colors in a subtle variation of shading for the top and panties. The metallic trim accents it beautifully I think. The sheer silk babydoll has the same inlaid pattern but also has a slight shimmer added to it. This was inspired by me wanting to rework an old silk, the first one I made actually. I decided to use the same texture and metal work but make it into something more mainstream. I'm happy with the results.

I'll still be redoing the old silk to update it but as usual I got sidetracked by another inspiration hehe. My muse just never likes to work on a schedule, fussy thing!

I don't have much else to say as I'm busy trying to get the remake of the silks done as promised and get another post up so enjoy my latest lingerie and look for another post soonish!

<3 Solange