Friday, December 29, 2006

Time to play Catch Up!

Ok I"ve been a TOTAL slackerpants about the blog this month but Christmas preparations and the Happy Holiday Gift hunt kept me pretty darn busy. I hope you all had a totally faboo christmas and enjoyed all the gifts in the store! (those are still out by the way until December 31st as well as the Christmas theme clothing so grab 'em while you still can).

In this post I will attempt ot give a rundown of all the new outfits that came out in December. So.... use the bathroom, grab a snack and refill your water glass then settle down in your chair, we gonna be here awhile.

OK. First on the list is the outfit pictured at the top of this post and my latest release, Shiva! This is the first design in my new Goddess line (thanks again Maia for the idea!) I love creating fantasy clothing and i'm excited to do more of it in 2007. More men's stuff too ...err.. but i'm digressing.

Shiva is a 32 piece superset with tons of wear options and a matching cloak that is sold separately. I'm offering it in 8 colors with no plans for more but I'm always open to suggestions. To me this outfit says I'm strong, I'm sexy and mess with me and I'll give you a whole world of hurt. It could also be worn as a slave silk but the cuffs on wrists and ankles include broken chains so in my book this girl can't be tied down! hehe ^_~

I put a ton of work and a ton of detail into this one and it is more prim heavy in design than Buttafly. Accessories TO THE MAX!, six (6) prim skirt variations, and nude, sheer, modest (if you can call it modest!) versions of the clothes pieces. I hope you love it as much as I do. The box pics really don't do it justice. I've seen a couple of you throw on the Legacy boots with this outfit to stunning affect. Wow! Talk about strong and sexy. Rawr!

Next up are the Happy Holiday Gifts. There are 14 in all but are labeled 1 through 12 for the 12 days of Christmas. Gift #12 came in 3 boxes, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3. These will be out until December 31st as mentioned earlier and are in the center of the store tumbling out of Santa's big red bag. It's hard to miss all the pink and white gifts so save them before they all tumble into the pond! I'm not posting a pic for this as I think it's pretty self explanatory when you get to the store.

Another 1L freebie release in the store til December 31st is the @home Entertainment Holiday Sweat Set. It's unisex and comes with a fun lil Santa hat. I love getting nightlife to model for me, he really knows how to work the camera, sexy man that he is. Woot! Anyway, before I get derailed... here's a pic!

Two days ago I also released a design for the @home Sportswear line that I am very proud of. It's a hoodie with a reworked @home Entertainment Logo that I REALLY love. These are great for dressing down and you can wear them with or without the hood. The hood features FLEX! ties and move a little when you do. It has a black stripe on the side and on the inside of the sleeves for those who like to be stylish even when they are going casual ^_~. Right now we are offering them in 8 colors but I may add more, we'll see.

It was a fun design to make and started out as a Christmas present for nightlife. Then we thought, hmmmm, these would be fun to share so we added them to the @home sportswear line so now you can wear them too! Here are a couple of pics:

I have one more design for the @home Sportswear line that is brand new and will cost only 1L. It is a 2007 New Year hoodie and comes in your choice of Light Gray or Dark Gray. I couldn't resist adding the fireworks over the New York skyline as a background. Here's wishing you a Happy and Safe New year!

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