Sunday, December 03, 2006

Herding Cats

I'm addicted to colors. I confess. But this time my gal pal, G, instigated the whole thing by asking for blue. She always asks for blue. I'm addicted to colors, she's addicted to this deep dark blue. One day we may go to Colors Anonymous and get this color thing under control but not today.. no.. not today. Ok, I feel better.

Today I called eight of my Solange! Models to come help me show off the new colors. I absolutely LOVE this picture of them. From left to right it is River Kyomoon, Mina Pixie, Taylor Meness, Annie Bowie, Vivian Rail, Jasmine Hayes, Loreli Gilmour and Haifeng Chu. What I love the most about it is it's diversity. Like the colors of the outfits themselves, these girls all shine in their own beautiful way. I have to smile every time I look at it. Thanks ladies! You were faboo even if it did feel like I was trying to herding cats getting you to line up and stay put. Haha! =P

So the new release is Santa's Lil Ho in 8 colors for 600L each... or...if you are addicted to colors like me you can get Santa's Lil Hottie Pack which has all 8 colors for 3000L and save yourself about 1800L. Quite a deal!

Oh and one last thing.. Happy Holidays Gift #3 is in the store and waiting for you to find it!

<3 Sol


Kokoro Fasching said...

Will you have these on SLX shortly so they can be given out as gifts?

Solange Cerveau said...

Actually, i have gift vendors in the store so you can give as gifts. Just look for the little vendor with the buttons near the outfits. One of the buttons has a picture of a gift on it. You make sure the outfit you want to purchase is showing then hit the Gift button, type /100 personsname then pay .. voila! It sends to the person you choose. These are so cool! I love them. Hope that helps <3