Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!

I love December. I really do! It's just a really fun month! The world seems to get this aura of joy and love and for just a little while people are kind to each other. More forgiving. More loving. More caring. If only it lasted all year round ... Ah well, I"ll take what I can get!

And speaking of fun, I'll be dropping Happy Holiday Gift boxes in the store every day or so until December 25. These are tiny little hidden-in-plain-sight gift boxes with gifts from me to you inside. It's just for fun so I hope you enjoy the treasure hunts. Don't confuse them with the big gift wrapped boxes I have out. These are little and look like the box in the picture but small small small!

So far there are TWO Happy Holiday Gift boxes already hidden in the store with more to come as the days go by. These can be hidden ANYWHERE in the store so look high and low and under and over.

Happy Hunting! <3

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Rayvn Christensen said...

Thank you Sol, I LOVE the happy holiday gift hunt. It's so much fun and you are so generous to be giving us such beautiful gifts. I hope you have the most wonderful holiday season.

Love you bunches!