Monday, August 10, 2009

NEW! Kadriya Fantasy Wear AND new Lucky Board Prize!

Today's release, Kadriya, was a privately commissioned work which I have been given authorization to release to the general public (that's you!). I've added a couple more colors to the original set to offer you 7 shades to choose from plus one additional shade you can get as a bonus in the phatpack or win it by getting your lucky letter in the Solange! Group Lucky Board.

Kadriya is a design that can be used as a silk or wear the top and panties only as a swimsuit or lingerie. There are draped armbands as well as a simple armband option. A long Flex silk skirt is also included and requires the panties or belt only option (for you naughtier folks) to be worn to complete it. The lush silk fabric is embellished on the top, skirt and armband drapes with a silver dragon.

You can purchase an individual color for 400L$ or save 40% on the phatpack (which includes the Lucky Board color, Fuschia, as a free bonus as well)

New GROUP ONLY Lucky Board at the Solange DREAM ON BAY Superstore!

The Lucky Chair near the Fantasy wear has been replaced with a Group Only Lucky Board to reward those in my Solange! Fashions group. I've placed the bonus color of Kadriya that is offered in the phatpack (Fuschia) in the Lucky Board. You must be wearing your Solange! Fashions group tag to win. The timer is on 10 minutes and has a wild card too! You can see the prize here:

I will also be adding a Profile Pic Lucky Board as well for those that don't have room to add a group but have put my store in their Profile Pics. I will send out a notice when this becomes available. It can take up to 48 hours for a profile pic to register so plan ahead ^_~.

Finally, there are still 3 Lucky Chairs in the Underground that do not require that you be in group or have my store in your profile pics so plenty of ways to win free stuff :)




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