Sunday, August 02, 2009

New! - Charlatan by Solange!

After weeks and weeks of work I am finally ready to release the first in my new line of fantasy wear. Highly detailed and loaded with wear options (a signature Solange! feature) this new design, Charlatan, is sure to please. It's versatile enough to wear while hunting with your bow in the forest or wear the top with your favorite jeans while hunting with your wallet in the mall. Even the ruffled collar can be worn as an accessory with other outfits.

Satin, Jacquard and leather combine with metal armor accents and lacings for a look that is unique and sexy with a hint of Old World flavor. Options range from full coverage to dare to bare (yes the bottoms come with a "no panty" option for the truly daring) with several looks in between. The top also comes with a standalone option that looks incredibly sexy with your favorite garters and stockings.

Charlatan is available in 7 color options, six with silver metal and one with gold. Phatpack loyalists also receive an exclusive bonus version in brown/gold/purple.

The individual colors are 600L each or you can save 40% and get all 7 colors plus the bonus version for 2520L.


Anonymous said...

...what's the point in having a link to xstreet on your page if you never put up new outfits?
the newest of your outfits on xstreet is "heat"... from last year?

Solange Cerveau said...

Thanks for the feedback, Anonymous. It's nice to know someone reads my blog! :)

Yes, I am a slackerpants when it comes to adding inventory to SLX.

I stopped adding inventory to SLX when it was bought out by Linden Labs and only started adding 1 or 2 items in the last couple of months. I'm still waiting to see how things go with LL owning it and what changes they continue to make before I start loading my inventory there on a regular basis again.

I am sorry you are disappointed not to find my more recent items for sale there. Hopefully I will add more items to SLX in the future. Meanwhile, the link on my blog let's people shop what I do have listed there, even if it's not all the new stuff.

Hope that answers your question. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.



Siyu said...

Oooo I love this outfit! I got behind on checking blogs, I'm so glad I peeked at yours :D

(And not just 'cause you wore my ears ♥)

I love those detached sleeves, and the whole equestrian feel it has. It also reminds me a bit of the Mesmer clothing from Guild Wars, it would fit right in.

I'll have to go grab the black next time I log in :D

Solange said...

Hey Siyu!

Thanks for stopping by :) I know all about getting behind on reading blogs... hehe. And yeshhhhhh I love love love your ears <3 <3

You make me a sexy elf!