Monday, December 08, 2008

Gifts #1 through #4 Recap

We are one-third of our way through the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Hunt and it's time for a recap of the gifts in the store so far and some additional clues on where to find them. Let's start with Gift #4 and work our way to #1.

Gift #4 is a phatpack of striped turtlenecks suitable for both guys and gals.
CLUE: This is a gift that is sure to lift you up high above all those saucy elves.

Gift #3 is a Christmas Jewelry Set
CLUE: Checking under chairs is sure to drive you to Madness.

Gift #2 is a lovely party dress in red and black
CLUE: This gift is a real bargain.

Gift #1 is a fun little decorated demon horn set that comes in two versions and are hidden in two separate ornaments.
CLUE for #1(1 of 1): This gift is a real gem.
CLUE for #1(2 of 2): This gift will require some crystal clear thinking.

The gifts are hidden anywhere in the Solange! Store, The Underground or @home Entertainment but I've decided against hiding them any place else on the island, it's just too much area to search! So keep your gift hunting to the store and courtyard of Solange! Fashions, The Underground maze of tunnels beneath the Solange! Store and the inside of @home Entertainment up on the hill.

There are still 8 more gifts left in the 3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Gift Hunt going on at Solange! Fashions. The next one will arrive in the store tomorrow!

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays!

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