Monday, December 01, 2008

3rd Annual Solange! Fashions 12 Days of Christmas Gift Hunt starts TODAY!

Well it's December yet again, the year sure passed quickly! Can you believe it??

2009 is just around the corner and now comes the time when I run my 3rd Annual Solange! Fashions 12 Days of Christmas Gift Hunt.

For those of you that have been my customer since the beginning (3 years now!) and those of you that have found me over the years and even those of you that are just discovering my store... now is the time when I say ...

Thank you...

Thank you for giving me another wonderful year of being a creator in Second Life. I truly couldn't do what I do without the support of all of you. You are what keep me motivated to keep designing, despite all the bugs, all the thievery, all the frustrations, that come with being in SL. You are my bright lights, my inspiration and my laughter. I wish you the best and most joyous of holiday seasons.

But I'm not just going to give you my words, I'm also going to give you FREE STUFF! And that's where the fun comes in!

Starting today, December 1, 2008 through January 1, 2009 I will be running my 3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Gift Hunt. This is how it works:

About every other day, starting 12/1/08 (today!), I am hiding a gift in the store for you to find (the first gift is already hidden in the store!). There will be 12 gifts in all, the final one being put out on 12/23/08. Unlike previous years, I will be leaving them out until 1/1/09 instead of picking up the gifts so that there are only 2 in the store at a time. The store build is alot bigger now and I'll be hiding them EVERYWHERE on the island, not just inside the store, so I'm going to give you alot of time to hunt them down.

The Gifts are hidden in red or green tree ornaments.


1. DO NOT IM me asking where they are hidden, I won't tell you

2. DO NOT SPAM the group asking for clues or locations, I'm sure folks at the store will share locations as they find them, if not, happy hunting :)

3. If you miss out on gifts DO NOT IM ME asking if I will send you the ones you missed. The gifts will be out until January 1, 2009, so if you are away for a few days at Christmas you should still have plenty of time to find the ones you missed when you get back from holiday.

4. If you need to know if another gift has been put out, check my blog:

I will always make a post there when I put out a new gift (usually using my most excellent poetry skills, but thankfully, not always)

5. All gifts are NO TRANSFER.

6. Some gifts may say (1 of 2) or (1 of 3) or somesuch in the description, this means there are more than one of that particular numbered gift hidden in the store. Usually a variation or other pieces to complete the set.

7. The hunt is ONLY at the main store at Dream on Bay.

8. HAVE FUN and Happy Holidays!


Solange! Fashions

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