Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kira Silk - New from Solange!

The latest release from Solange! Fashions is the Kira silk. It comes in 8 rich colors with gold trim or you can purchase them all in the phatpack and get a 40% discount.

Outfit Includes:
Exposed Bra Top (shirt/undershirt layers)
Panties (pants/underpants layers)
Long Flex Silk Skirt
Short Flex Silk Skirt
Plain Armbands
Tassled Armbands
Flex Prim Back Clasp
Chest Dangly (2 variations)
Available in 8 colors.
Permissions: Copy, Modify, Resize with Delete, No Transfer

Available at the Solange! Fashions Main Store.

Or you can purchase it on the SL Marketplace.

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