Friday, May 13, 2011

The Coquette in You

Coquette by Solange! was introduced at the ACS Fashion for Life Fair and is now available in the store. I should have said this a month or two ago but I took some unexpected time off from work. It was a forced hiatus due to catching a cold followed by the flu and bronchitis but... I"M BACK.

Now I'm trying to get caught up on things with the blog and in Second Life!

The Coquette design comes in 10 colors and you can also purchase a feathered fan accessory to set it off. This is one of my favorite designs to date because of its spanish flair. Ole'!

You can purchase this in Second Life at the Solange! Fashions main store by clicking here to teleport.

You can also visit the Solange! Store on the Second Life Marketplace by clicking here.

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