Friday, July 16, 2010

NEW! at Solange! - Siren Fantasy Wear

Today's release from Solange! is a very sexy fantasy style design that I call Siren after those naughty little sea nymphs whose songs lure unwary sailors to their demise.

But you don't have to be a sea siren to wear it! It goes well in lots of other places as well. From fantasy roleplay to the boudoir to the beach, you're sure to draw many an admiring eye.

It has numerous wear options, as always, and comes in 9 gorgeous colors. See the attached pictures for more information. Only available currently at the Solange! Fashions Main Store at Dream On Bay. It will also be available at the Wall outlet and Xstreet in a day or two.

Happy shopping!


1 comment:

Yєvєttє Dє Líøηcøυяt said...

This is amazing, I will get it if I have the L's for it! :D Must find on Marketplace or inworld.