Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fantasy Release from Solange! - Traction

Today's release, Traction, is from the fantasy division of Solange! Fashions, The Silk Raven.

Traction is a combination of well-worn leather and tattered silk cloth that combines with buckles, studs, and gears to create a sexy yet strong look with a touch of grunge and a hint of steampunk. Careful attention to detail include sculpted components with baked textures and rotating gears. Several wear options are included for a variety of looks that are sure to please.

Traction is available in 9 colors for 675L each or if you want them all you can buy the phatpack and receive a 40% discount.

It has been awhile since I have done one of my big fantasy creations and this one has been in production for about 7 months so it's not that I haven't been working! :) ... just... sometimes these things can take some time. I hope it is worth the wait!

For style information (other than my design) shown in these pictures please visit my flickr stream.



Chic Aeon said...

All I can say is "Wow"! That is impressive :D.

Chalice Carling said...

Totally gorgeous pics :-)

Solange Cerveau said...

Thank you Chic :) It's a fun little outfit to romp around half naked in :P

Thanks Chalice, glad you like 'em :) I love doing fantasy shots. It's a lot more fun than doing sales box pics, lemme tell ya.