Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help for Haiti - Solange! Boom Dress Special Edition

A special version of the BOOM dress is now available at the main store (see LM above) on the What's New wall on the streetwear side. It is a pastel mint green with a "♥Haiti♥" label on the upper back.

It is offered at a reduced price of 150L at my main store. TP there now by clicking here.

You can also find it at the Scribble sim where there are a TON of designs placed by many many MANY designers to help Haiti. It is a bit laggy at times but patience is rewarded AND it's all for a desperate cause:

You can TP to Scribble by clicking here.

100% of ALL PROCEEDS goes to the RED CROSS.


Anonymous said...

Instead of giving about 57 cents U.S., why not send that money directly to the International Red Cross, Unicef, or one of the other organizations which take donations directly, don't take a cut (like LL and paypal or the bank check will), and it gets there NOW which is when they need the help, not in a month or two when this is cashed out. Text "Haiti" to 90999 (Red Cross) or "Unicef" to 20222 or "Yele" to 501501. These are verified, certified, and up and running organizations in the area who need help NOW. Please send money, not Linden $L.

Solange Cerveau said...

Thank you for your opinion and comment. However, you make several assumptions which immediately put me on the defensive, which isn't all that great considering we both appear to be working toward the same cause: Helping Haiti.

1. I have already made a very real and immediate donation to my local Red Cross to give aid to Haiti.

2. Red Cross, Unicef and other charity organizations do take a cut along with everybody else. They are allowed to take up to 20% of every dollar donated to pay their staff and run their operation. For larger charity organizations, such as the Red Cross and Unicef etc, it's very tough to stay under that 20% due to their higher operating costs.

So everybody takes a cut along the way, unless you hand your 20$ directly to that person on the street that needs it. Sad, but true.

So, instead of arguing about the "right" way to donate why don't we consider that there are several ways a person can help, both immediately, and more longterm. I am sure they (the people of Haiti) will need money still a month from now, when the focus of the media and most people has moved on.

The real problem right now is getting the medical supplies and food that are already there and waiting, distributed to the population and helping the injured who are dying from lack of proper medical attention.

Money is coming in now, money needs to continue coming in later. That 57 cents adds up quickly in a day multiplied over 100's of designers and their hundreds of customers who are so happy to give what they can to help.

So let's text our donations, let's give at our local charities, and lets give in SL. All can work together in a unified way to help those in need.