Sunday, March 08, 2009

Highland Slackerpants

I'm a little behind in my blog posts but here, finally, is my latest release. The Highland Trilogy consisting of Highland Hipbanger, Highland Fantasy and Highland Wrap. This was actually released on February 10th. So now a month later I am posting it to my blog. Sorry for the delay but fortunately for me Photographing SL phenominal artist, Elysium Eilde and her partner in crime, Feles Seitan, did a wonderful expose of this design the day of release. You can read their reviews here and here.


Leather and plaid combine in a number of ways to keep things sizzling hot with tons of accessories and mix and match options. I"ve done three different designs all meant to compliment each other, or any other outfit you'd like to mix them up with. All in your choice of 9 colors or get the phatpacks for a 35-40% discount. (all 3 releases are color coordinated for even more mixing and matching between the sets)

HIGHLAND HIP BANGER: Make a statement with this tough sexy look in a variety of options to suit your mood. Includes - Gloves, Jacket (with and without bra inset), Leather short hip skirt, leather and plaid hip skirt, leather laced super shorties, buckled wrist wraps.

HIGHLAND FANTASY: A silk-like design but with a leather and plaid twist that suits any fantasy role you want to play in and out of the bedroom. Tons of accessories include: Laced and studded Bracers (2 variations plus clothing layer base included), barbaric style earrings and belly ring, 4 skirt styles varying from simple to fancy, short to long (includes belted style that can be worn without the panties), Buckled and strapped calf wraps, Studded armbands with dangly cloth, panties on all layers, bra top on all layers and a buckled strapped thighband to finish the look.

HIGHLAND WRAP: What can I say about this one? I love it, it's my favorite piece in the whole design. I've done it in 3 variations and with or without the chain necklace so it will compliment most any outfit you wish to accessorize with it. It's a variation on the cloak idea but with a highland twist. A must have accessory for anyone who loves cloaks or shoulder armor accessories. It's strapped and buckled, with tons of detail to please the eye. 6 different options are included in each color for your pleasure.

Phatpacks pictured below:

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