Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Silky Devotion ...

The new Devotion Silk is a silky striped confection that is sure to please. Loaded with extras including all the jewelry accessories, 2 styles of silk skirt (one heavy prim, one light prim) in both short and long variations. You get a silver lame' accented bra top with a prim Chest dangly for accent. Matching panties are required on the low prim skirt version and optional on they heavier prim one.

A short and long version of the shoulder drape is also included. All the usual armbands, anklets, bracelets and circlet as well as earrings and belly ring and collar. It comes in 8 colors or you can buy the PHAT PACK for a 30% discount.

You can also purchase the matching cloaks singly or in the PHAT PACK. There are 3 variations of the cloak including a VERY cute little capelet version that I can't stop wearing.

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Janet dress said...

This were all cute bikinis. All fit for this summer. This sizzling hot bikini will make the summer more hot.